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curated for every taste in mind, our tasting boxes are unlike any cake you've ever experienced before. With eight different flavors with layers from salty, to sweet, to crunchy or tart, there is truly something for everyone.

Our next round of boxes will be available in July & August of 2023! 

Keep informed  on Instagram @teehancakedesign.

Tasting Boxes are only available four to six times a year and can not be made outside of selected dates - this way we reduce food waste and are able to provide each and every couple the highest quality of cake they deserve.

Tasting boxes are $55 and will be credited to the final balance with a minimum spend of $650. (not including delivery fee)

Boxes are available for pick up delivery and overnight shipping.

Delivery is available throughout Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks and Malibu for a fee.

Overnight shipping options may be available for those located in California for an additional fee ($50).




a lemon vanilla bean cake, blueberry preservers, buttersnap crumble, lemon gelee and a vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. 
A lemon lovers dream with tart citrus kick from the lemon gelee mellowed out by sweet blueberries and a bit of crunch, this is great flavor for the summer time or to finish off the night with a light dessert.


white chocolate mud cake baked with fresh raspberries and a white chocolate swiss meringue buttercream.
This one is  an overall crowd pleaser being light in chocolate flavor without being too rich and kiss of tart from the raspberries, it is truly the best of both worlds.




chocolate cake, hazelnut praline and an espresso infused swiss meringue buttercream.
Calling all my hazelnut late lovers...this is it! This cake is truly a coffee lovers dream, its basically dessert and coffee all in one.
I consider this my favorite (but we won't tell the others)



earl grey infused cake, peach preserves, earl grey ganache, toasted brown sugar shortbread, and honey swiss meringue buttercream
Like a warm loving hug, this cake an overall crowd pleaser. It's light, yet packs a punch of flavor and the brown sugar shortbread is what dreams are made of. It's a lovely flavor for summer and fall events.



browned butter cake with a pecan praline and browned butter salted caramel swiss meringue buttercream.
Oh this's basically become my sidekick because it is at almost every single wedding or special event. It is something totally different - nutty from the browned butter, sweet and salty from the caramel and a little texture from the  praline. It's truly to die for and will keep your guests surprised!


chocolate cake with an crushed oreo swiss meringue buttercream.
This cake is straight up nostalgia. If you're an oreo lover- look no further. You might as well put a ring on this cake too because it's THAT good.



TeehanBranding41 coconut.JPG

Chandon Brut Rosé cake, strawberry preserves, champagne ganache, crushed dried strawberries and a pink champagne swiss meringue buttercream.
The celebration cakes of all celebration cakes- it says it all in the name! It's perfect for weddings for that late night sweet treat with a little kick of champagne and the crushed dried strawberries add a beautiful fresh pop of crunch and tartness! Guests LOVE this cake! 



coconut cake with a buttersnap toasted coconut crumble, passionfruit gelee and a coconut swiss meringue buttercream.
This cake is for all my coconut lovers out there and even my coconut haters - I've taken people to the coconut dark side with this cake. Sweet, tart, crunchy- it checks all the boxes.

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